Your games, your purchases, your tournaments all in one.

An experience without limits

As pioneers in web3, we have developed overlay technology that enables users to interact with their games in real-time within a secure, controlled environment that is both accessible and easy to use. This groundbreaking technology has never been seen before in web3 and will revolutionize the way users play games.

Our overlay has infinite potential for growth. At the moment, we have developed the most requested tools by users, covering the entire spectrum needed for playing, entertainment, and ensuring a frictionless experience when interacting with game information.

Friend System

At Elixir, we decided to create our own buddy system, which allows users to avoid the hassle of managing hundreds of interconnected accounts just to play with their friends. Everything is consolidated in one place and just a click away. With this technology developed and functioning flawlessly, we took it to the next level by integrating it into the overlay, enabling you to interact with your friends without ever leaving the gam

Patch Notes

The web3 ecosystem is witnessing a growing number of professional and competitive players who require up-to-date information on all updates and patches. That's why users can now check the latest updates directly from the overlay without leaving the game, ensuring they stay informed without the need for external pages.

Events and Torunaments

More and more attention is being given to the booming esports development within the web3 ecosystem. Players are seeking challenges and competent opponents. That's why, by integrating our event creation technology with tournament creation, players can now see their current standings in a tournament in real-time and also check upcoming tournaments, allowing them to decide whether to sign up!

In-app purchases (IAP)

For us, user security is the cornerstone of our ecosystem and our top priority. That's why we've developed an in-app purchase system that enables users to make purchases seamlessly, using either a credit card or one of their favorite payment methods, without the need to be redirected to third-party sites or risk entering their information on untrustworthy websites. With Elixir's in-app purchases (IAPs), players can make their purchases directly within the overlay, allowing them to stay engaged and enjoy their purchases instantly.

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