User flows

Find here all different agents that will take part into the ELIXIR ecosystem


If we view the ecosystem through the lens of a gamer, we can observe that the interaction will occur within the Launcher (where various games can be played), encompassing both the "season pass" and the "marketplace". All these features will be integrated into the same platform: Elixir. Users will receive rewards or enhanced rewards upon purchasing the season pass. The entire system is facilitated by the $ELIX token, which is necessary to purchase the season pass and offers cashback on assets from games in the marketplace. It's an all-in-one tool for gamers who want to PLAY and EARN!

Studio publisher

Developers and publishers in the gaming ecosystem should focus on one thing: creating fun games. That's why the infrastructure of Elixir is ready to connect these publishers with an SDK that allows them to integrate their games into the web3 ecosystem within days. With years of technology consolidated into one platform, launching your game to web3 users and monetizing your assets through an integrated marketplace is now possible. The $ELIX token will serve as the engine for achieving this milestone. Additionally, publishers and indie game developers will have the opportunity to launch their games within the Elixir community if the vote is positive.

Web3 early token purchaser

There is always room for token purchasers who want to participate in early gaming products. Elixir has developed a launch infrastructure driven by the $ELIX token... the Elixir Launchpad. Users can stake their $ELIX to acquire a tier in the launchpad. For more information about the tier system, please visit our Launchpad section.

Games will be reviewed by the LitLab Games team and voted on by the Elixir community. There is a possibility of incubation focused on game economy and game quality. If both factors are achieved, the Elixir ecosystem will consider the product a "High Quality (HQ)" product and proceed directly to the launchpad. Users who hold a tier in the launchpad will enhance their APY on their stakes based on an RNG factor associated with weekly lootboxes.

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